The day that it came true..

I met with Ally and it was as if I met a long lost friend. I could see who she was in that very moment. The JOY of knowing she’d met her soul mate and that they would soon be married.

Our first meeting we discussed the dress, hair and makeup for the ceremony and reception after. Many times brides decide that with the mood and transition from ceremony to the evening and whether or not the chignon should stay up or take the hair in a new direction, such as half up or hair loose and softly waved. We do take into consideration the neckline and cut of the dress, assuring that all is in harmony from head to toe.

Often we decide wether we should softly highlight the hair which naturally gives a soft glow to the face. My belief is that natural is the most beautiful. The foundation should be as dewy and realistic in tone for covering any imperfections and evening out the skin so that the face is as smooth as porcelain. Cream blushes and shadows help to maintain the softness. We also discuss wether the lip should go deeper for the reception which is a “yes” for most.

The eye’s should be the focus, glowing with soft shimmer of champagnes, taupes, silver and golds. My feeling is that the eyes are not complete without lashes; I tend to love individuals. A beautiful eyeliner which I lean towards the less is more in terms of the line. Using pencil, shadow and liquid to finish and define the eyes; always filling in the brows where needed. It really is important that the bride start working on the shape of the brow a few months prior the wedding day. When it comes to the lip color I love pinks and pales that work for the skin tone of the client.

Arriving at The Plaza the day of the wedding after all decisions have been made to help with creating this fairytale, I am filled with happiness in helping another brides dream come true.

Photo Courtesy of Ira Lippke Studios


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