2015 is the year of change and renewal.

Already February and with Fashion Week behind us and the winter that keeps on giving, I find inspiration with every step I take from Madison to 5th Ave.

Many are taking chances with trading in their long locks for shorter bobs and punching up their color. Adorned on those new styles are faux to fur hats, reminding me that chic always reins supreme.

There is no other city that does winter like New York.  From thigh high boots to opaque hosiery with thigh high cashmere stockings and mini skirts and dresses designed by Chanel and Lanvin. 

The onesie has made a return for both men and women, with layered pieces from Moncler to Armani. With this visual menagerie, my stroll today has made it worth the aggravation of the 0 degree weather. Only in this climate can you pull off these looks…

This year is about taking chances. Making decisions that aren’t as conventional. With a wedding aproaching in a few weeks and the bride’s decision to go with a champagne colored gown, that has created an excitement for me and something new!  I’m already finding that this year is truly about taking a stroll towards what makes you happy.

Glad to see you here…

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