To tie or not to tie? That is the question…

When I think of the first time I wore a clip-on bow tie I was around three years old; only through photographs am I reminded. Even then, it seemed as if I was pleased with the idea of looking like a complete package. I decided in my teens that I wanted to tie my own bow tie and began the search to find a perfect ray of patterns and colors.

The choice to tie my own came from the feeling that I got with the accomplishment of getting it just right… The “tie-by-hand” or “self-tie” has since become a staple in my wardrobe, from traditional patterns mostly made of silk, to black, purple and burgundy velvet for tuxedo’s. The possibilities are endless in terms of choosing to wear one for almost any occasion as I have with one of my favorites made of wool plaid and dressed with a denim shirt during the Fall/Winter, to lavender and white polka dot made of cotton worn with a crisp white shirt for Spring/Summer.

Clip-on’s have been the choice in cases where I haven’t been able to find the perfect color or fabric to complete whatever look I was trying to achieve … Several of the more formal and fashion ties made of velvet or sequin you’ll find easier to wear pre-tied and are often sold without the option…

Often when I think of the reasons, I prefer tying my own as opposed to a pre-tied; it is the choice to add my own touch that stands on it’s own. It does take a lot of practice and patience, but once you achieve and master the self-tie, you’ll never look back…

The Answer: To Tie


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