There is no subject matter that offers winter’s uniqueness; snow capped mountain tops, icicles, frozen ponds and the creatures that love this time as much as me.  On a crisp and gentle day, I decide to discover all things winter; that moment when snow falls gently on the tops of the trees as it collects itself at the base of the trees and onto the ground with the sunlight glistening, helping to create a Winter Wonderland.

The invitation came to spend the weekend with one of my dearest friends at his place in Woodstock, New York. An invitation anytime of the year there is special with the change of season, escaping the hustle of New York’s gray days and  lack of motivation to do anything but work to rush home from the cold to repeat throughout the winter months this repetition without incentive.

The notion that winter is a somber time is a choice if you decide. Winter activity of snowshoeing, skiing or ice skating are as rewarding as a day at the beach. The amount of exercise is readily available when taking the time to travel outside to discover this beautiful part of nature in it’s glory.

Winter is the time of rejuvenation… the time to share stories of things past and things yet to come while sitting around fireplaces sipping on coco or hot apple cider, which for me are perfect snap shot moments.

The beauty of this season is without question an oasis of renewal and the vision of heaven on earth with the promise of Spring flowers and the blossoming of new idea’s and things to come…


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