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Since the days of Nefertiti, Egyptians as early as 10,000 BC used cosmetics regardless of sex and social status for both aesthetic and therapeutic reasons. Oils and ointments were rubbed onto the skin to protect it from the hot sun. Usually white make-up to deflect the light was applied. Black make-up made with carbon and lead. Green make-up from malachite and copper. Red ochre was ground and mixed with water, and applied to the lips and cheeks, painted on with a brush.

Cosmetics have been used throughout history and civilization’s matters of practicality, such as protection from the sun; class system; or the idea of beauty.

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GOTTA GO!!!! Have Passport, will travel!!

A days work is never enough!

From bustling New York to the scent of lavender in Avignon. A castle in England to LA and all in between. The excitement of going on the road or to the friendly skies to please a client fills me with great Joy and Pleasure. I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in “Town & Country’s Weddings” issue for hair and makeup and what an honor.

Growing up and wanting to attend every wedding that I could as a kid was always pure excitement and remains the same for me today.

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2015 is the year of change and renewal.

Already February and with Fashion Week behind us and the winter that keeps on giving, I find inspiration with every step I take from Madison to 5th Ave.

Many are taking chances with trading in their long locks for shorter bobs and punching up their color. Adorned on those new styles are faux to fur hats, reminding me that chic always reins supreme.

There is no other city that does winter like New York.  From thigh high boots to opaque hosiery with thigh high cashmere stockings and mini skirts and dresses designed by Chanel and Lanvin. 

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As I gather all of my equipment, I am thrilled for yet another occasion and my part in making sure this day is her most special. Today will be a wedding to remember… One that has taken months of careful planning right down to every detail; from having chosen the perfect dress and wedding planner to assist with every decision that will help to create a dream filled with spectacular moments to the venue, lighting, flowers, menu, seating, place cards, napkins, table cloths and music for every second of the day.

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There is no subject matter that offers winter’s uniqueness; snow capped mountain tops, icicles, frozen ponds and the creatures that love this time as much as me.  On a crisp and gentle day, I decide to discover all things winter; that moment when snow falls gently on the tops of the trees as it collects itself at the base of the trees and onto the ground with the sunlight glistening, helping to create a Winter Wonderland.

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