GOTTA GO!!!! Have Passport, will travel!!

A days work is never enough!

From bustling New York to the scent of lavender in Avignon. A castle in England to LA and all in between. The excitement of going on the road or to the friendly skies to please a client fills me with great Joy and Pleasure. I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in “Town & Country’s Weddings” issue for hair and makeup and what an honor.

Growing up and wanting to attend every wedding that I could as a kid was always pure excitement and remains the same for me today.

I’ve often been asked, what made me want to do weddings? The answer for me is that I’ve always been a romantic at heart for as long as I can remember, which reminds me of my melancholy youth and the Bee Gee’s, “How Deep Is Your Love” chiming in for that first dance of the new husband and wife. A time to celebrate LOVE!

I’ve had the privilege of traveling to India and seeing a groom atop an elephant arriving through the Palace Gate. A massive procession of musicians, while rose petals by the bundles were tossed, leading him to his beautiful bride, whom I had the wonderful invitation to create her hairstyle and makeup palette for the occasion . No matter how many times I’ve shared these special moments, I celebrate each one for it’s individuality.

Here’s to Romance, Love and a Great Wedding!

Let’s Go!

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