Through the window the early morning arrives full of sunshine and the notion that this will be a great day for a wedding…

While having a morning  cup of tea and a scone I am listening to Michael Franks, “Tell Me All About It,” a great way to start the day…

~With an iPod  full of my favorite playlists dedicated to classical, easy listening and the latest tunes of the day; I am sure that this will be a day filled with incredible moments to remember and a day without stress by affirming a positive and mental attitude. *Affirmations are in the present tense, positive, personal and specific.

While doing makeup and hair I trust that music will allow for great creativity and a positive experience; calming all nerves as we proceed to create the vision for the moment that time will capture…

Often on the day of the wedding I recommend  that the bride have a space of calm and maintain an affirmation of love. Allowing the wedding planner to handle the flowers and organization of the day and trust, that we all will work as a team to create the most special day celebrating the love that has brought us to this place..

Whether Beethoven, Enya, Bruno Mars, I find music a great way of keeping a constant flow throughout this day affirmed by LOVE…

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