Chignon; French pronunciation:   is a popular type of hairstyle. The word “chignon” comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck.

Chignons are generally achieved by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head, but there are many different variations of the style. They are frequently worn for special occasions, like weddings and formal dances, but the basic chignon is also worn for everyday casual wear.

The chignon achieved popularity during the Victorian era; during that time, chignons were often enormous constructions including false hair or pads.

I love the classic look of this hairstyle and find it timeless… For the wedding of Parastou, I decided with the Sweetheart neckline of her dress and her wonderful bone structure that this would be the perfect look to complete the vision that you see…

Quite often when I decide this is the BEST look for the brides silhouette, from head to toe, many things are taken into consideration…

A) The length of the hair… It is important and that we have a good amount of hair to pin up… If not we would have to use hair pieces… *I only work with natural hair pieces… Nothing synthetic…

B) The facial features and whether or not this look will complement the brides bone structure and length of neck…

With the perfect dress The Chignon to this day is one of the most captivating styles that has no time limit on it’s beauty…..

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